We have organised and managed our own seminars and exhibitions for eight years and always thought we did a really good job. Of course you don’t know what you don’t know! I now appreciate how much detail we missed to make the whole event so much more slick and professional. Without doubt, the input from Amanda, took our shows to new heights and made me realise what a person with attention to detail can provide. Amanda gave the event the finesse we didn’t know we needed!

Not only were we delighted with the results of the event but we have received more compliments than we have ever had, from exhibitors and delegates alike! We have had more exhibitors asking to book and sponsor the next show 12 months in advance, they were so impressed with the quality of delegates, speakers and service from the hotel.

Amanda also recommended a different A/V supplier to raise our game and what a difference that made! We already have a date in the diary for next years’ event; it is so easy to plan when you have a safe pair of hands to rely on!

We will never look anywhere else and cannot recommend Amanda for her jovial, professional attitude enough. Hire Amanda; you wont be disappointed!
— Derek Maltby, Global MSC Security


I have been lucky enough to work with Amanda for a few months now and I can’t thank her enough for the changes she has helped me make in my life and business. In three months I have gone from being a stressed out employee with no light at the end of the tunnel, to running my own jewellery business and looking forward to the future.

I have worked with coaches before and have always benefitted initially, but my focus and the impact tends to wear off (I’m not really a completer/finisher!). Since working with Amanda, she has questioned me, held me accountable and helped keep me focused on my goals. It hasn’t always been an easy process, but Amanda is firm and insightful - not letting me ‘get away’ with anything - whilst remaining kind and heart-centred in everything she says and does.

My intensive 12 week programme (consisting of weekly meetings) finished a couple of months ago and we have now moved on to monthly catch ups where we review the last month and plan for the next one. It is invaluable for keeping me focused and accountable - no easy task!

I am also lucky enough to call Amanda my friend and I can’t imagine going forward in my business without her support.
— Kathryn King, Kathryn King Designs
Kathryn King Designs

Teal Wrap Bracelet

Bracelet Boss, Kathryn King Designs

I reached out to Amanda after reading her post in The Desire Map Facebook group. And I’m so glad I did! Amanda is kind and patient and she asks all the right questions to get you brainstorming! I felt like I was talking to a friend. She helped me see the blocks that were in my way, and helped me say out loud what I was too afraid to even tell myself, before our chat. Thanks to her I now have new goals to dream about and a plan to reach them!
— Stephanie Hull, Aspiring Business Owner
Thanks again for all your help, the clarity call was really enlightening. I feel I gained a lot and started thinking more about how to move on with my idea. There were many things I’d just not thought about. I continue to regard you as a great inspiration.
— Ellie Savage, Property Manager
Feeling trapped in employment, I desperately wanted to make the leap into self employment but felt I lacked the confidence and self belief. As a result I had a hundred and one excuses not to make the transition. Just one session with Amanda helped me dispel the excuses, give me the self belief and motivate me to make bite size steps towards my goal. Amanda helps me to identify what needs to be done and actively encourages me to complete the tasks I set myself. Unbelievably, the process so far has been stress free, enjoyable and exciting! A few sessions on, I am confident that with Amanda’s help I will reach my goal of being free from employment.
— Samantha, Aspiring Business Owner
I really enjoyed having an open and frank conversation with Amanda about my career history and development. Just running my business ideas past someone with her experience made me feel more confident in what I am planning, and she helped me to make some crystal clear decisions about how to focus on achieving my immediate goals.
— Lesley Waldron, Wild Country Fitness
I loved my coaching session with Amanda. I wanted to get clarity around my big picture career plan and to get reassurance that I am making right decisions along the way. Amanda is a great listener and she immidieatelly understood what I needed and helped me realise where my doubts were coming from. Amanda provided me with an action plan to help me be more productive and achieve my goals faster. She now holds me accountable and I am even more determined to take action and progress through my plan. I left the session feeling empowered and with good understanding of what steps I need to take to achieve my goals. Thank you Amanda, I can not recommend you highly enough and I look forward to our next session.
— Lidia Drzewiecka, Visuable
I have worked with Amanda on starting my new business in an unfamiliar field and out of my comfort zone. I am thrilled with the progress I am achieving and the focus that her sessions give me. The measurable outcomes go beyond my initial expectations in terms of speed with which I am accomplishing my goals.

What I appreciated most about working with Amanda is her ability to cut through to the core of a situation, deliver results, whilst not being judgemental or over powering, and all with a smile.
— Claire Atyeo, EFT Costa Blanca
I feel so lucky to have had a 121 with Amanda today. I’d never had a coaching session ever in my life before but I’ve known Amanda quite a few years and she’s been such an incredible support in so many ways I knew she’d make a sensational coach and I was right! The session was filled with laughter, hand holding and even a joint breathing /calming section in the middle! Amanda is able to easily and cleverly enable you to think in a strategic logical way to resolve niggles and concerns. I feel focused, more confident and as if I’ve had my engine refuelled!
— Sarah Cook, SHC Social Media