When you’re feeling in a negative state, try this…

If you wake up some days feeling blue, and you haven’t got your morning practice finessed to a regular daily routine, it won’t take much before you get knocked off the wagon into a negative state of mind that can spiral out of control.

That’s why your morning routine must include intentional mindset work. Especially if you’re going through any life adjustment, changing direction or getting a business off the ground.

Mindset is your state of mind around your beliefs, skills, talents, and what you think about yourself in terms of traits, character and intelligence.

Those with a fixed mindset believe nothing can ever change, and those with a growth mentality believe and understand, that with effort, these things can be developed.

Working on your state of mind is key to pulling yourself out of a negative state. You need to apply yourself and maintain with discipline, but its doable and a lot easier than you think.

Try these handy pointers that I’ve learned and tried over the years at various times. Give them a try and find what works for you.

Look over your Life

Try looking at all your past achievements and over your CV. Read any testimonials or cards you may have from friends or clients and take a 20 minutes or so to digest and notice how it makes you feel. You might lean towards the more unfulfilling times (perhaps over your work history), so make a conscious effort to try and sink back into the memories of the occasion and the good times you had.

Find your Flow

Get into YOUR groove. What is it that you’re doing when you’re in flow and got your mojo going on?! What do you love to do that brings you joy? Do more of that and get your energy and vibe into a higher state. Could it be as simple as going for a walk, finishing that creative project you’ve had staring at you from the corner of the living room for weeks, or simply booking your next travel adventure?

Daily Discipline

Make it a daily routine to work on carving out new neural pathways in your brain. If you have a continuous loop of negative comments, and most of us do, then try flipping them to a more positive statement that is believable. Set a regular practice to read these statements for a few minutes twice a day. Discipline is the key to implementation here.

Mindset is like a muscle, the more you work it, the more it will be there for you when you need it. When you feel the slippery slide of negativity you’ll be aware of it sooner and adjust to the more positive frame of mind easier.

Remember your life is waiting. Choose how you want to live it. Purposefully work on your mindset and the whole thing starts to click!

Would love to know how you get on.