The top 7 reasons why you don't follow your dreams (and how you can)

Do you feel stuck on a treadmill yearning to get off? Feel a little bit of your soul fall to the floor every time you enter the office? Yet you know you ‘should’ feel grateful for your wonderful life, but a part of you is unhappy and you know that in your bones!

Perhaps you had dreams when you were younger that are a distant memory, and now that you’re cloaked in responsibilities and become accustomed to your comfortable life, you’re unable see a way to change it.

I’ve been there and I know a thing or two about the struggle. I am no different to you. We breath the same air and we both have 24 hours in the day. 

I’m going to call you out on those excuses, because if you want to build your own dream and business, you need to call time on building someone else’s, and find the courage towards building your own.

1. Fear

You’re afraid of the unknown, but what exactly? Name it. Write the list of fears from the comments that buzz around your head when you start day dreaming of your new life.

Recognise the limitations you are putting there, I know they may be real, but keep facing forward and stay solution focused. Find the answers and help you need.

Another scenario I ask clients to do when they’re imagining the worst case scenario, is to share their best case scenario. Flip fear on it’s head!

2. Finances

You’ve got financial responsibilities, mortgage, pension, and bills. You’re the main breadwinner with mouths to feed, or single carrying the load on the one income. I hear you.

You’re likely to have to make sacrifices because your life will evolve. During the transition you’ll probably have less holidays as your lifestyle will change, friendships n’all! Utilise your assets, rent out the spare room, garage, land, etc. Make the most of what you have.

Get a financial plan together and try and support yourself for a minimum of 6 months with no paycheque coming in.

Not prepared to make any sacrifices? Then this path may not be for you.

If you want freedom and flexibility badly enough, you’ll find a way. I can vouch it’s for the better, even though it may not have felt like it at certain times, I kept my end goal in sight. 

I am no different to you. I found the answers and help I needed. Sometimes it felt scary and then I changed my perspective. I started to view things as quite exciting! 

3. Excuses

You will meet resistance and find excuses for every uncomfortable step you take.

I can’t because….

I’m not smart enough….

I don’t know where or how to start…

I’ve heard all the excuses, I’ve even said them all and still do, but the secret is learning to recognise them and tackle them. You owe it to yourself to find out what’s underneath the excuses. 

It’s likely to be fear, and let me reassure you, there is no reason to be afraid, you are already incredible and good enough. Start from where you are and build on that.

4. Uncertainty

There is uncertainty around with everything. When you are certain on getting paid every month, you will need to adjust to not knowing when you will be paid, although there are ways to navigate this too.

But let me ask you this, are you certain you’ll be in your job in 12 months time? You have no input or control over the decisions management make. You probably see the figures and how transparent and honest are the company about their growth and future plans for the company, let alone you?

Remember you are working towards building their dreams and they prefer to line their own pockets before yours!

You CAN be certain of creating your future where you won’t have to demonstrate your worth ask for a pay rise ever again.

5. Time

You don’t have time? You need to make time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, commitments and life’s curveballs to juggle. Prioritise and learn not to accept everything that comes your way. 

Create yourself a schedule where you can assign time to work towards your dream business. Can you do 20 minutes an evening when you come in? One task per day. Small actionable steps over time complete a task.

Be mindful that it can’t be work work work all the time, be realistic when you factor in play and rest too.

6. Listening

When you share your dreams with friends and family, they often don’t understand. Edit carefully what you tell your loved ones. They want to keep you safe, and have your best interests at heart. 

They’re used to you behaving and being a certain way and they like sharing their life with you the way things are. You changing impacts them. Tread compassionately.

7. Learning

If you’re not learning, you’re stagnant. Learning and development is growth and expansion. There is an overwhelming amount of information, pick what’s relevant and what you need to focus on first and cut the rest of the noise out.

I remember in the early stages I didn’t know the difference between a facebook page v’s a group, whether I needed a business bank account, what domain to get or website provider to go with! You learn as you go along when you need to know it.

Invest in yourself and get help when required.

If you’re waiting for the someone or something to rescue you, a rich man, the lottery or a friend to buy you a one way round the world ticket, why are you waiting?

Take responsibility for your own life and make it happen.

Your life is waiting for you to step up and own it. 

You can make your dreams happen. I am living proof, and there are plenty others too. 

It takes courage, but I’m certain you’ve already seen that in yourself before, yes?

Change doesn’t happen overnight but it is amazing how quickly it can happen when you take action. 

Taking the leap off the treadmill and starting a business is for those that like a challenge, but more so for those desperately seeking a life of freedom and flexibility in their career and ultimately success on their own terms.

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