5 Steps to Make your Dream a Reality

5 Steps to Make your Dreams a Reality


My mother always taught me to follow my heart, even when things didn’t make sense.

She inspired me with her travelling tales, encouraged me to broaden my mind and do work that lights me up.

From her teaching, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a fantastic creative career in Radio and Events, respectively.

I’ve also been blessed with a driven and determined streak in my bones!

So when my ultimate career dream was to work for myself, and it made no sense in how I would make that happen, given that I was single and financially responsible for everything, I resorted to the advice I had always followed. I followed my heart, persevered and made it a reality.

With the help of other tools and resources, I have built on that big dream coming true and four years later have now managed to make most of my dreams come true, and I’m sharing 5 of those steps with you today.

1. Get Clear

I hear a lot of people get caught in a spin about living on purpose. I think a part of it is being so overwhelmed with choices these days. Most people have lots of skills that they could turn their hand to lots of different professions.

But if the work doesn’t light you up, its hard to feel engaged with it. If anything, you feel actively disengaged and the day drags.

It’s important to get clear on what you want in your life, and what you don’t want. How you feel also plays a huge part and often gets overlooked.

Look at your different life areas, not just your career, and get clear on what you want in them. You don’t have to decide everything right now, but start with a few. It will evolve over time anyway.

Ask yourself this…If I were living the life of my dreams, I would be…

2. Visualise

Cut out a few images of what you want to happen in your life. Stick it on a wall that you see every day, in the bathroom, or a kitchen cupboard. You could take it one step further and make a vision board.

The main aim is to look at the images regularly and let yourself actively daydream, and imagine it happening. Try and sink in to how that would feel, look, taste, sound, etc, really try and move into the sensations.

3. Set Goals

Goals are just dreams with deadlines.

A quick side note on language; its important to use the right words when you’re trying to achieve your dreams. It needs to resonate with you. So whether you use dreams, goals, objectives, aims, targets, purpose or something else - find the one that lights you up.

Aside from seeing the big picture, it is also a key step to write your goal down and then split it into smaller actionable steps.

Make the steps into a plan with deadline dates and schedule them in your diary.

And the final key step that a lot of people miss - do the work!

4. Accept Failure

I recently watched the film Walt Before Mickey, where we witness Walt Disney’s incredible journey creating the successful business we know and love today.

We see set back and failure time after time, but Disney never lost hope. He had his dreams, creativity and self respect and that was enough to keep persevering through the tough times.

You will have occasions where things don’t go your way, and it shows true inner strength to keep picking yourself up and carrying on.

Accept failure will happen along the way, that doesn’t mean its curtains. Look at what you can learn and try to move on quickly and never lose hope.

5. Ask for Help

We are often too proud to ask for help, but I would encourage you to reach out and not be afraid. Most people are willing to help, and whilst time is precious, try offering them a small gift if cash is tight. Observe others who have trodden the path before you and ask yourself what you can learn. Remember you’re seeing their success now, but there has been a lot grafting and lessons learnt for them to have reached that point. Observe and see what you can pick up from them.

Remember that nothing happens without taking action!

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