FEAR! We hear a lot about it. Mainly because its what stops us from living our life the way we really want to. 


So how do you get over it to make your dreams a reality?  Well in short, you have to learn to move through it, not over it. One of my favourite phrases is; the only way out is through!

It's can be tough (emotionally and mentally), and sometimes it can be the complete opposite, and you wonder what all the fuss about?!

Your thoughts are false evidence. You think the worst thing is going to happen but it rarely does.

So how can you move through your fears? You learn tools and techniques to train your mind and take one simple step forward. Break it down and move a bit closer towards getting out the other side.

Try to look at the bigger picture as bite size chunks, do one thing that scares you a little more every day, towards what you want to accomplish.

I hear fear come up in limiting thoughts with clients all the time, every single call. Step in moi; tell me a time when that has happened to you, show me some evidence. They often can't, and that's because the fear lives in our minds. 

Learn some mindset techniques (like the one below) and push through your fears and limiting beliefs. Accept that we all have them, I am human, just like you! Mine are just different to yours and unique to me; just as yours are to you, and your neighbours are to them.

Notice the negative limiting thoughts that whizz around your mind, because they are holding you back. Figure out a way through. A simple technique I use for myself, is 'not today thank you!'. Like a filter filing system - they go in the bin! 

Another one, I like to do for myself and clients, is think of the worst case scenario and answer the what if questions that come up, and how you would deal with it. You know you've got a solution to your worst fears. Now ask yourself, what if the best were to happen? And go through the same process. It usually leaves you with a great feeling that you know you can!

Believe your dreams are possible, and move through those fears and limiting beliefs. There are many mindset tools and powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to use, and if you want to know more, BOOK a complimentary call today.