Mid-late thirties, like Bridget Jones, some women hit a point where their world hits crisis point - relative to them. The fears, insanity and doubts have played too much of an active role over the years leading up to it.

You reach the point of ENOUGH! Enough of struggling on, tolerating other people's unacceptable behaviour, blaming, crying, playing the victim, and saying the excuses. 

AND you think and feel like you're the only one having an 'ENOUGH' moment because it looks like everyone else has got their s**t together.

Let's burst that bubble - nobody has got everything together; I haven't, you haven't. Everyone has their fears and challenges in life - it's almost DNA!

But over the years, you realise you've learnt so much, and are now waking up and questioning the things that you would have just accepted before.

You realise it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change. You want happiness to come and whisk you off your feet, or for that fairy tale ending the authors have cruelly built our hopes on from a young age!

But you start to understand you have to create your own happy ever after, and you are in the driving seat of making that happen.

You begin to feel empowered as you start to reassess and redfine who you are, and what you really stand for. You explore your values, morals, principles, and that honesty and integrity are the glue that holds it all together.  

You begin to question things you feel aren't right, and build on the courage to speak out, develop your voice and opinion, and realise that the role of 'people pleaser' isn't something you consciously signed up for.

You reach an age where you understand the Wants V's Needs, and that you can't know everything, or save the world, but you can step up and play your part.

You stop working so hard at putting your feelings aside and covering your true character. You learn to embrace all your idiosyncrasies, crazy quirks and 'uniqueness'. The quest on the path to self acceptance of who you really are and removing the behavioural masks gets under way.

You have learnt to distinguish between guilt and responsibilities which provides you the courage to say No, after understanding the importance of boundaries. You know to pick your battles.

You let go of the outcomes or expectations, and realise life really is a self fulfilling prophecy and know to redirect negativity as it poisons the world around you. 

You learn that anything worth achieveing is worth working for, but then realise your needs and responsbilities require freedom and flexibility in order to live a life you dream of. 

You know that all the wishing in the world won't make it happen. You have to take inspired action towards making your dreams a reality.

Humans need direction, guidance and support. We can't do it all alone. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Most humans love to help. Wouldn't you love it if somebody asked you for help now? You would feel wanted, needed and appreciated.

You know not to give into the fear, but to move through it with courage and gumption; it is the only way to live life on your own terms and conditions.

You trust in a higher power that someone, something has your back and have peace knowing that your future is unfolding just as it is meant to, but you can't continue to let life pass you by.

Laughter fuels the soul, as food nourishes the body. Be thankful for the simple pleasure, take responsibility for yourself, and never settle for less than you truely desire.

Do your best every day, and you can design the life you want to live. Go make your dreams a reality and live out your own definition of 'happy ever after'.