Back in the day when I was existing in life, and not living, I was numbing the pain of anxiety and insomnia with medication. Standard right. It's how we're taught. If you're not well, you visit the Dr who prescribes medication to get well.

A huge number of us are numbing pain of some kind with medication, with record numbers on "happy pills" (Telegraph)

Here's what I know.

Medication treats the symptoms, not the cause. It's the cause that produces the affect, in my case; insmonia and anxiety. So why aren't we treating the root of the source?

This is my opinion, and not a criticism about the medical profession (far from it, they do an incredible job), but I want to highlight alternative therapies.

One for me was Meditation; it really turned things around for me, unlike the tablets. It wasn't until I started quieting the mind, and listening to my inner knowing, that I started to understand what was causing the insomnia and anxiety. I started to realise there is another way.

Learning to meditate was a test of my patience, so it was tricky to navigate to begin with. I used to fly around at 200mph with an unrealistic amount to do in my day. Sitting still for 5-10 minutes did not come easy. "I was too busy!" That, my friend, is exactly why you need to explore meditation as an option. 

I started with a couple of minutes just sitting still, then I explored videos on you tube, apps such as Headspace, and listened in. Even after two minutes, I felt good. Physically, emotionally and mentally, I felt a bit better - there was no denying it. I didn't have to sit cross legged or Omm into the ether, I sat on the sofa, and plugged into a guided meditation on my phone.

Slowly but surely I perservered, as I had experienced the benefits of mediation and I wanted to nail it! I've still not "nailed it", as like anything it takes regular practice, but I manage to sit for longer, and plug into my meditation app and myself every day and have done for the last couple of years. 

I sleep well, the pills have long gone and I can highly recommend this alternative treatment to yourself.

There are many benefits, it;

  • reduces stress
  • improves concentration
  • encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • increases self-awareness
  • increases happiness

There are a lot more, you will know some, but it's no good just reading about them. Try it for yourself and see how you feel afterwards. 

Get started for two minutes for five days and see how you feel. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. When you hear your mind chatter, just come back to your breath. 

Would love to know how you get on...