Lost your mojo? Maybe both in life and work - double whammy! It stems back to your life ultimately though; given that you are in the driving seat - you know that.

You are where you are because you’ve made decisions and choices that led you there. When you first start a position at work, its fresh, you’re learning, its exciting, and it can also be a little overwhelming. Then the drudgery kicks in, the reality of what you’ve taken on, and the sacrifices you are having to make in your personal life to accommodate the demands of the job, whilst also trying to maintain your own social life.

The promises that led you to the position were like sweets on the path tempting you in. Now it’s become a treadmill you feel stuck on. You're not even entirely sure how you’ve ended up there, as the last decade has just whizzed by. You’ve got financial responsibilities and can’t see a way to figure out how, or even where to begin working for yourself.

When I was coming to the end of my ‘employee’ time, I remember repeating to myself, almost daily, I’m not creative. Deep down, I knew I was - I had worked in creative industries since the age of 14, as a Radio Producer, and in Events. Both careers led to winning several awards for creativity!

My mojo was disappearing into spreadsheets EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. They are not creative - period. No matter the formatting or the number of colours you decorate it with!

Working for myself means I can express my creative flow when I have my mojo. For me that means letting go of the structure, the organisation, getting outdoors, reading, being inspired by those I admire. It wasn’t always like this though, and this way isn’t for everyone. You have to find the flow for you. What triggers it? Do you even spend time trying to create or produce anything anymore, or are you too busy fighting fire?

Life is messy so why do we try and box and order things in such a way that restricts the flow of our creativity. Sure I appreciate some parameters work well, but it’s more important to ease up on the pressure and find what feels good to you to bring your mojo back. That's what's going to help make you feel alive.

It’s like you’re ‘bringing sexy back’ with Justin Timberlake, but it’s ‘bringing mojo back’ with Kerin - to the same theme tune obviously! 

(Sidenote - I get some of my inspiration from music, and given that I was a producer who has spent the best part of two decades in radio studios, I heard a lot of it, hence why there are sometimes music references in my writing!)

My challenge to you is flex your creative muscle this week for at least 20 minutes. Do you have a pastime you loved, drawing, panting, reading, music, or sewing? Any talents you don’t use anymore that you would love to spend time on again? I want you experiment and see how it makes you feel.

If you’re not sure, experiment, relax and have fun. Life is for living. I spent too long stuck on a treadmill with life passing me by, if you feel the same, start by making moves towards doing something you love, lift your energy, and sink into the feeling and smile.