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I recently hit a goal that I’ve been working towards and determined to achieve for the best part of two years - being able to live and work from anywhere in the world - and for now that's in the French Alps.

The transformation has been pretty full on, wrapping up one business, starting a more fulfilling venture, house sitting in the country, selling a home, incorporating a new romance, buying a new home nearer family, and obviously there’s personal growth, with learning, mind-set and self care to incorporate too!

It’s been quite a momentous year really, and we’re only in June!

Life and business happens all the time, some things more at pace than others, and the last few months have felt like a juggernaut. That aside, all of these decisions were my choice and I knew all of the moves towards my goals were the right thing for me -  it’s called INTUITION baby - we all have it, its whether we hear it, and choose to listen to it! Are you listening to your intuition, and following your dreams? Or do you feel like you’re working towards someone else’s agenda?

I’ve had some comments from people that are envious of my lifestyle (in a nice way), and my immediate response it - it’s not as glamorous as it sounds!!! Others have said you’re so lucky - Mmmm No, it’s not luck, it’s been a string of strategic and careful decisions and choices that have moved me towards achieving the life I want to live, with the FREEDOM I want to have. Not to mention the pain and struggle after burnout and starting my own business three years ago - it’s not been a walk in the park! 

You know your own story and the transformation you may have already gone through, or even the one you have yet to make - the one where you follow your heart, reach your dreams, and live your life how you intended to.

What I’ve observed about the laptop lifestyle though has been interesting, lots of pros and surprisingly some cons that I really didn’t envisage happening.

I have made sacrifices that some people are not prepared to take to achieve their goals - but you’ve got to do what is right for you - you know your own limits and boundaries. You create and design your own life, no one is going to do it for you - it all starts with you.

I never lost sight of my dream - living and working from anywhere, and I was going to do whatever it took - (providing it was safe and not always so legal (because it's about taking calculated risks - if you want to know where I didn't tow the line - contact me!).

It is an incredible feeling being able to get up and go anywhere in the world and know I can still work - I’m extremely grateful for my life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I love being outdoors, and I get to do it most days. I am surrounded by natural beauty, either the beach or the mountains. The wildlife and flowers are all around me as well - I love it. It beats living in a city with diesel fumes choking my already asthma induced airways!

Here are some of the pros and cons of a laptop lifestyle - you know, just in case you want it too - you can prepare!


  • I meet lots of VERY interesting people who I now know as my #travelbuddies
  • Airports are a great place to practice languages, and get a free massage (yep this happened once!)
  • Plane food is actually ok (well most of it!). The real nutrition to keep fuelled though lies in the smoothies!
  • Lots of new and interesting local foods to taste.
  • I work on the GMT time zone so I sometimes get extra hours in the morning!
  • I work in the environment I choose; outdoors, coffee shops, or on the sofa in the evening
  • I feel like I’m living in my own movie and I want to pinch myself regularly!
  • Working on the move feels exciting and inspiring - different environments mean that you are always learning, having insights and learning from people.
  • There is beauty and STUNNING Scenery EVERYWHERE!
  • Mountains make me feel expansive
  • The beach makes me feel calm
  • All of which make me appreciate how incredibly blessed I am, that I live my life how I want to - not without having gone through some pain though!


  • I have a minimum of three currencies in my wallet - two of them were in sandwich bags until I got a new wallet with several compartments.
  • The wi-fi is not always reliable meaning work has suffered.
  • Early flights don’t always mean a proper night’s sleep.
  • Living out of bags means that you don’t always have the right bra with you - argh!
  • Data on the mobile device….is still a work in progress!
  • I am always packing, washing, exchanging money and carrying my passport around - although I'm not even sure how valid and EU passport is right now - being a Brit n'all!
  • The clock on my laptop doesn’t always update automatically - the diary can get out of sync.

This blog post has been inspired by people asking me what it’s like to live a laptop lifestyle, so I hope this gives you some insights - this is from my perspective, I’m sure there are more thoughts to come…

So what’s next? Well after moving into my new home next week, my feet will be planted on terra firma for a while - at least until the next speaker request, strategy day or client coaching programme!

Just make sure you live out your dreams, whatever they are - just be you, be creative and live your life - after all, you only get one life, but several chances!