Amanda Kerin

How I have managed to run my own location independent #business 3 years after I thought I was a gonna! 

In 2013 I worked on a gruelling project, it was no different really to any other job I had worked on over the last 13 years, because I gave pretty much all I had to my career. Always a high achiever, always going that extra mile, and sacrificing my personal life as a result. The difference this time, was that I had no more to give - I was exhausted. I had always worked in creative industries with a live element, which I totally loved and got a kick out of! A radio show, a live event, the end result after execution is exhilarating!

Until one day, the affect was actually on my health, rather than friends, family or my social life. Yes, it got to this level - and so many lessons learnt believe me! 

So in 2013 when I woke up one day and couldn’t get out of bed, and for the next 6 weeks struggled to even make a coffee or have a shower some days, because I was so exhausted, it was a bit of a blow to an ambitious, driven women, to put it mildly!

Now in 2016, I have a life and business I love. So what was the bridge that got me from the brink of no return, and now having the most wonderful life working for myself and doing work with meaning? 

Whilst I was signed off sick with no physical energy and thinking I had just committed career suicide, I actually still had my mind. I began to explore mindfulness, and found the benefits incredible to realising what mattered, appreciating the present moment, and more of the simple things life had to offer. It made me question what I had been chasing exactly, who and what for? 

Knowing I wanted to have my own business (I had already started two on the side over the years!), and accepting I had to change my life, I invested in a life coach. I worked on my energy levels, which were non existent, my mindset, limiting beliefs, fear, confidence, my vision for the future, the masks I wore, and learning to listen and trust my intuition. 

It’s taken 3 years, and a lot of work on myself, as well as making strategic decisions, taking risks and sacrificing a lot of lifestyle choices. It’s not for everyone, but if you are determined that you want your life to change, and you know you want to work for yourself and create the life you want - make no excuses! You need to head towards your dreams like your life depended on it, and accept that it requires investment of time, money and emotion and that it’s not going to be easy - but I can say that it is DEFINITELY worth it!  

I now have a coaching business and can work from anywhere in the world. Right now, that happens to be with the wonderful man I met and fell in love with in November 2015 in the most inspiring magical mountains of the French Alps. Next month, it will be with my family in Wales spending time with the little people watching them grow and discover life with curiosity and limitless possibility. 

So if you know you are wanting to change your life and work for yourself, remember that it all starts with you! Invest - you are worth it aren’t you? Or do you want to keep giving your all to everyone else?

p.s. Do you ever get a thank you or just the payslip?!

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