Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

I've achieved a goal that I’ve been working towards for almost two years - working for myself from anywhere in the world - yippeeee!

In 2013 when I thought my career had gone down the pan due to being signed off sick for 6 weeks, I didn’t imagine for one second that I would now be working in this way.

I knew I had wanted to work for myself for a long time, but didn’t have a clue where to begin. But alas, the journey did begin by making a courageous decision. What a journey it’s been, and now in 2016, I feel like I have won the lottery, but didn’t even buy a ticket!

Life happens every second, the good, bad and ugly, and this often derails us from our dreams. Sometimes because we put everyone before ourselves, or we simply become worn down with the challenges and pressures that life throws at us.

I had to make courageous decisions, take risks, and figure out what is important to me, and what isn't. All the time I kept my dream in sight, made decisions that followed my heart and rolled with the punches of life that were thrown as curve balls and challenges along the way. You always need to look towards the solution and not get hung up on the problem for too long.

It’s easier to give up than climb the mountain right?! But do you really want to get to the end of your life not having achieved and experienced what you wanted?  What about not sharing your gifts and talent with the world as well?

Everything that has led you to this point in your life has been determined by a decision you have made. The next chapter in your life is waiting for you to make a decision too - a choice that will lead you towards your hopes and dreams, whatever they may be.

Don’t let life pass you by - it goes way too quickly as it is! Take action today and book a call with me.

If you want to work for yourself, build your own business, and live life on your terms, you know it is within your reach. I’m telling you it is, because I am living proof!

What have you experienced or achieved lately that has been on your list?! Keep going to reach the rest - imagine how you'll feel when you reach your goal, it will be an incredible feeling!

What do you want to achieve? Book a free 30 minute call and let's see what dream of yours we can make possible!