Society beliefs and pressure are certainly a force to be reckoned with. But we are responsible for creating that pressure wouldn’t you agree? We are ALL part of society.

So how do we get caught up on the treadmill and not really living our life how we imagined it would be? There is no one person in charge of your life except you. You are in charge and responsible for shaping how you want it to look. I bet one of the many reasons you haven’t moved forward in achieving your ideal life is because of fear, as well as society beliefs and expectations!

Conforming to society means a life path not too dissimilar to this:

  • Finish School
  • College followed by University (possibly some travel around this time)
  •  Get a job (usually one that doesn’t light you up)
  • Work 40+ hours a week, and not taking proper holiday time with your oh so generous 20 days a year
  • Focus on climbing the ladder to creating a successful career
  • Possibly a period of time off due to extreme fatigue
  • Retire 60 ish and don’t work at all but still fairly active
  • End of life - not achieving your dreams in life

I get that the conventional path suits some people, we all have different personality types, but for those of us with the entrepreneurial spirit, this isn’t satisfactory. In fact, it’s completely unsatisfactory, because it doesn’t work with the modern lifestyle from a very practical and functional point of view for starters!

I positively embrace people’s quirks and creativity so I encourage you to find or rediscover yours. Don’t let anything dampen your spirit and embrace your wacky side. It’s what makes us all so interesting, fun, weird and wonderful! Imagine life without it - wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all the same and following the same uninspiring conventional path?

Gone are the days of following the norm, now it’s easier than ever to embrace your quirks, unleash your creativity, and remove the weight of the world from your shoulders…because there is another way to succeed. You can design your life, create success on your terms, decide when you work, how much time off you have in a year, how you spend your days and live your life, and choose the work you do.

Wondering how and where you start? Invest in you. Carve out the time YOU need to learn, and cut out what doesn’t serve you. If you have the spirit to work for yourself, find the courage to start saying no to the things that don’t light you up, and yes to the things that do. And, the best thing is, once you find your courage muscle and keep using it, the easier things become!

What do you want to say you do for a living when you meet someone at an event? Wouldn’t you like to say you LIVE, as your business moulds itself around your life and not the other way around? Look after yourself, be you, forget society and being socially accepted, let your talent, skills, creativity and personality shine and create your own success around it.

I help women with entrepreneurial spirit create success on their own terms and build a business. I offer a limited number of free 30 minute calls every week – book online at www.amandakerin.uk so we can talk about your dreams – because I don’t want you to ever lose sight of them, and you mustn’t either.

Being socially accepted and conforming is not ok if you know you have more to give and want to live a life! You are responsible for steering your ship, creating change and leading your own life. Take action today by moving towards the life you intend to live - I dare you!