Do you remember setting out on your career path many moons ago, and somehow years later realise that it wasn’t really where you intended to be?

Maybe in the vague direction but not exactly here. You enjoy some days, but ultimately you would rather have the freedom to be doing your own thing and working on your own terms to suit your life.

If you are reading this knowing you have that fire in your belly to work for yourself, or are doing it already, but it’s not quite working out as planned, what action step can you take to move towards it? You know you are meant for bigger things right?

If you compare yourself to others, and start the spiral of self destruction, let me assure you that you are not alone. We have all been there, it is human nature. Start to think practically, and ask yourself what you can learn from them in order to move forward in your own life and business?

Take inspiration from those around you but focus on your own path. They were also in your shoes once, and took action to design their life to suit their work.

What they are doing may not be what you want, so it’s important to know what success looks like to you, i.e. having more holidays, spending time with friends & family, or simply having the freedom to live and work from anywhere.

You're likely to have heaps of thoughts whizzing around your mind; I need to pay the mortgage, I don’t have the time, I’m scared, etc. Rest assured, you can take charge of your mind and train your brain to tackle those fears.

It does take time, effort and energy, but this is your life we are talking about - I bet you make time, effort and energy for other people?!

I was there too, and I have worked for myself since 2013, I'm the only income provider and I have a mortgage. I'm currently working towards being mortgage free at 40 and living and working from anywhere in 2016 because I’m designing my life that way, and taking action towards it.

You can have what you want in life too, it's making the decision, and committing to doing the work.

Don’t let your spark go out; keep going, you are brilliant with incredible talent and skill, don’t let that go to waste on fuelling someone else’s dream - light your own dream - I’m trusting you still have one ;)

Live life how you intend to, you have the privilege to choose - choose wisely. It's up to you how you spend your working day, you can have the freedom to live the lifestyle you want, because you’ve structured your business and life that way.

What are you waiting for? Life is for living and yours is waiting…