worklife balance

The busy month of February brings Shrove Tuesday, the first day of Lent and Valentines day, but the one that brings me the most curiosity is LOVE.

BIG word, but in the context of self-love, as opposed to loving others, are we really providing ourselves with enough love and care?

I bet you, like me, spend a lot of time working, serving family needs, trying to have a life, and doing all the chores, etc. And that’s ok when we give ourselves the time to love and nurture ourselves as well.

When my coach speaks at an event, she asks the audience to write down all the people they love in their life, and then she asks them where they are on the list. There is usually gasps or shuffles from the audience, but its true, we never put ourselves first.

Speaking with a client this week took me right back to when I was an ‘employee’ three years ago where I felt work was more important than anything else.

Our logical brain tells us it’s not, so why are we wracked with guilt if we want to leave on time, or have a lunch break.

Our working culture leads to burnout, which is why I left to start the path of entrepreneurship. In Japan they even have a word for burnout - ‘death from overwork’ – Karoshi. That says it all!

It’s key to remember that there won’t be any work, family, or life WITHOUT YOU, so taking care of number 1 is the most vital asset to nourish. It all starts with you, prioritise your own self care as much as your love for others, whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur.

You will never reach that point where you can hit pause and wish the world would stop while you catch up, it just doesn’t happen.

You can live life and create success on your own terms, and in my world it involves working around some self-care boundaries first and foremost.

I dare you to take one small step today towards the direction of your dreams and the life you desire. How? Declare it. Shout it out loud, write it down, record into your phone, however you want to do it, just say what you want…with intention.

Ask yourself – How can I self care to ensure I’m there to provide and love others?