how to achieve your goals

The end of the year is in sight, so perhaps its time to assess your achievements, and think about what you want to accomplish in 2017, in both life and career.

I hear a lot of talk about business and career goals, but very little about life goals. We can easily fall into the trap of striving in our working world, and lose sight of wanting to achieve things in our personal life.

Setting goals can be exciting for some, arduous for others, whether you set them alone, with your partner or even your friends, a part of your monkey mind will think this isn’t achievable, how I am going to make that happen? And the other part of you knows that it may feel like a resolution and will be off the agenda in 2-3 weeks!

So how do you actually achieve your goals?

This has taken me a while to master, and I’m still tweaking as I go along - aren’t we all? I’ll share the one system that works for me and clients, and the ultimate secret sauce!


1. Set goals within your control

Your goals need to be within your control and realistic. I’m still waiting for the illusive publishing deal, but I’m unable to control that aspect of my goal. Instead I can make sure I write the content, find an editor, look at the graphics, and do all I can to prepare and seek a deal.

Set the goals you know you are able to take action on and achieve, without the external element to actually achieve the goal.


2. Focus on the quality, not quantity.

Being a high achiever, it was all about the number of goals I wanted to achieve, but I woke up to the fact that life was passing me by, even though I had my own business and life was pretty much on my terms. Eventually I realised it was about the quality of the goal, and the impact it would have on my life areas, that would serve me for the greater good in the end.

Get clarity on exactly what you want in your various life areas, and think about what would make the biggest difference to your happiness and wellbeing, and for those around you.


3. Break it down

I used to be guilty of this bad boy - always seeing the bigger vision and feeling overwhelmed would often stop me in my tracks.

The secret sauce is to break it down, and keep doing that, into smaller achievable steps, quarterly, monthly and weekly. Always keep your goal in sight with a vision board, or a reminder of how the bigger goal looks to you.

Here is the step by step approach I use:

- State the overall goal

- Brainstorm and mind dump all the major areas you think you’ll need to cover in order to reach your goal

- From that step, write down the 3-8 key areas

- Then break each one of those down into approximately 4 smaller actionable steps for each one

- And finally, the most crucial step - put them in your diary, task system or Todo list and get it done!


4. Find the language that works for you.

Some people don’t vibe with the word goal, personally I prefer the word dreams. It’s all about igniting your spark, following your heart and reaching your dreams for me!

Words carry energy, so find the language that resonates with you. If you feel lit up, great, if your heart sinks a little, try using a different word. Perhaps try outcome, purpose, or objective - it's important to find what works for you.

Remember setting and achieving goals is a continuous flow throughout the year, quarter, and months. Along the way life and business can change, you think you are heading in one direction then life throws a curveball and you need to react accordingly. Quite often it can leave you facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction!

Remember that emotions arise, relationships grow, and you develop as an individual where experiences and circumstances can change everything.

If you are wanting to set and achieve goals but they change en route, exercise some self love and kindness and remember that you are in the driving seat of leading your own life.

If you are driven and determined, get yourself a plan, just as if you were heading off in the car on a road trip. You know where you want to go, but it requires a route map, and always, always keep your dreams in sight!


5. Share carefully!

Be careful and cautious who you share your goals with, especially your loved ones. If you're thinking of mixing things up a bit from your usual way, they may find it hard to deal with change. Also, if you share publicly, you'll be asked how its going - often, and may not want to be that honest! If you want to keep it quietly to yourself, nobody knows when it doesn't happen.