7 wonderful ways to help find your purpose

Seeking to find your life’s purpose is BIG. Some people never discover it, but those who are trying to find their ‘why’ are on a mission to discover it and live their life accordingly.

There is nothing more frustrating than working in a job where you are unhappy, unfulfilled and not engaged in the work. You end up living for the weekends and dreading Monday mornings.

Along the way we get caught up in the guidance from our parents, teachers, and society’s conditioning. However, there is another option that includes finding your purpose, having courage to pursue your dreams and living the life you are meant to.

Here’s 7 ways to help…

Connect with your heart and not your head.

Tune in and listen to your intuition. You won’t hear it amongst the noise so you need to switch off the devices and get into a quiet space. Try being outside in nature and really tune into what you’re feeling, and listening to your intuition. You may not hear it straight away but it’s important to give yourself a few minutes a day to tune in, and you’ll start hearing it. The next step is learning to trust it!

Ask yourself what you enjoyed doing as a child.

What did you enjoy doing as a child that you didn’t question because you had no responsibilities? Teaching, painting, making potions, going on adventures, or even climbing trees?! Look for the clues in what you enjoyed when you were younger that can cross over into adulthood, i.e. being creative, mentoring, caring, exploring etc.

Find out what your natural skills & talents are.

Make a list of everything you love to do that brings you joy as an adult, even if you don’t think you can make a career from it. Be wary of your left logical brain that loves to chime in with comments to crush your dreams. Focus on reconnecting to your heart, and try asking 5-10 people that you spend the most time with, what they think your skills are.

If you could do anything in the world without worrying about time, money, energy or restrictions, what would you do?

This is where you can dream big and start imagining what your future life will look like. Weave in the elements from above and really start thinking and getting clear on how you want to live your life if you had nothing holding you back. I love to create a vision board for the year taking in all the various life areas. It’s like you’re scripting your own movie with pictures - it's so much fun!

If your friend came to you with the same frustrations and challenges, what would you be your advice to them?

I often ask this questions with clients to help them get unstuck - it’s an oldie but goody! It can often switch you from victim and excuse mode to helpful friend mode and you will come up with the answers you need to move forward.

If you imagine yourself watching over your own funeral, what do you want to be remembered for?

Do you want to leave a legacy, help hundreds of people transform their life, write the next incredible fiction with the success of Harry Potter, a great wife and mother or ?? Fill in your own blank…..

What are THE three life lessons THAT life has taught you so far?

Think about this and really learn from them if you haven’t already. There may be some clues about what to change in your life.

One of my life lessons is that you can only rely on yourself. You are 100% responsible for making things happen. So many of us, me included in my past life, looked for external props, answers and other people to lean on, but it is down to you. Seek help to find the answers, but you must take the action if you want to create change and live the life you dream about.

What small step can you take today to find your purpose?