10 Ways to Get Unstuck from a Creative Block

Feeling creatively stuck, and finding yourself unable to produce your piece of creativity to launch into the world, whether it’s writing, art, or creating a programme — the likelihood is that you’ve experienced hitting that wall.

You know that feeling of drying up and there are no creativity juices flowing. Sometimes, it is simply a case of life throwing curveballs, having too much to do, which stifles anyone’s creativity, or it may just be a case of being in your own way.

Whatever the reason, when you need creativity, and it isn’t flowing, it’s super frustrating. Here’s 10 quick ways to get unstuck from your creative block.

1. Change your environment.

Get away from the screen, get outside your office, or studio, and get yourself moving. Go outdoors, perhaps for a walk in nature, or a walk to the coffee shop. See different things, people, the life around you, look at the detail and be inspired from your surroundings. Take in what’s going on, what people are wearing, the colours, the beauty, the conversations. People watching is a great past time!

2. Use your imagination.

Get curious, ask questions and wonder like a 5-year-old e.g. I wonder how they got that cake to look like that (if you’re in the coffee shop), or if you’re outdoors, I wonder what colours I would have to mix to make the colour of that flower. I’m not entirely sure what a 5-year-old would wonder, but you get the idea — be inquisitive! 

3. Practice Visualisation.

Visualisation is a great resource to call on when you need to get those creativity juices flowing and imagine yourself completing the task. Exercise your imagination and go wild! You can find plenty on youtube.

4. Compare where you were to where you are now.

When you hit the wall, you will likely slip into a spiral of self doubt and start beating yourself up. Just STOP right there and think back to where you were a 12 months ago. You’ll may default to a creative work situation, but I encourage you to look at all your life areas and see how much you’ve grown.

5. Do something playful.

As adults we get caught up in day to day life, and can feel burdened with responsibilities, which can make us miserable. So next time you’re outside, play like a child for a few minutes and experience the joy. It may seem weird to start with, but try a skip, perhaps tickle your loved one, or maybe even get on a space hopper! The main point is to do something you enjoy that you wouldn’t normally do, and you may not have done since childhood.

6. Raise your vibration.

When you’re feeling frustrated, you’ll slip into dangerous territory of negative self talk. This lowers your vibration and your energy takes a nose dive so try something to increase your energy. Whether that is recharging by taking a bath, being active, or meditating and clearing your bodies energy points — be aware of your energy levels and take action.

7. Celebrate with positive statements.

Try saying a positive statement as if you were either working on the creative task or it was done already, i.e. “I’m loving writing my blog today”. I often chant a statement for a minute or so when I’m out walking. I immediately begin to feel more positive and feel my energy lift.

8. Get back to your workstation and go all in.

Focus, Focus, Focus and shut out the noise. If you need to introduce screen blockers, have some alone time, take yourself away from your loved ones for a weekend — do what ever you need to get your head down and DO THE WORK! But be realistic about your schedule and break it down into chunks where possible.

9. Be aware of the sinking feelings of doubt.

This is a classic sign of a creative! To put yourself out there takes courage so if you think about whether people will like it or not — STOP! It is your creativity, your craft, your art to be produced. It’s up to the punter whether they will like it or not, and there are plenty of different horses for courses so remember, you will not be everyone’s cup of tea, so look forward and focus on your talents and skills and avoid the spiral of doubt.

10. Never look over what you’ve done until it’s finished.

Keep creating until the end of the task. Bring your best self to the creative flow and don’t look back over it until it’s done. It’s best to get it created, then leave a day or few before going back with a fresh pair of eyes and ears to begin the editing.

Remember you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain by bringing your crazy creative ass into the world. Embrace your inner weirdness, be yourself and feel good. The rest will follow you creative being you!