I recently turned 40 - yikes! I had a brilliant time celebrating with friends and family over a couple of weeks, and also managed to achieve my dream of walking on a sunny beach in Sicily with my love on the day. But, over the next few days, there was an array of emotions washing over me.

It felt like I had turned over a new leaf, started a fresh; almost like the beginning of a New Year after Christmas. And it is...I guess. I’ve never looked at a birthday year as a new year before though. I’ve always got caught up in the celebrations, hung up on getting older, and assessing the number of laughter lines!

Is it because it was a milestone birthday that it hit me more? Who knows, but what I do know is that we don’t have to wait for a birthday, or a new year to feel a fresh and start a new page.

Every day is a new beginning - an opportunity for a new start.

If you had a bad day and are on the downward spiral of being hard on yourself, and can’t climb out of it through some nurturing, self care or change of direction, then you can put it behind you and remember that tomorrow is a new day.

The same goes for any painful experience in life; loss, abuse, divorce, sickness, prison - a trauma of any kind that cuts deep and hurts to the core. Chances are the memories and pain we experience from that event will never leave us, it just adds to the mix of our life and we learn valuable lessons from.

I believe we all have a duty to our fellow human comrades to help each other come through it, and out the other side. Whether your role is counsellor, coach or friend - you have wisdom to draw on, from your own experiences, to help someone through their pain, or at least guide them in the right direction for what they are searching for.

We can’t change events, but we can choose how we move forward and live our future life. Most of us are blessed with the riches of a western lifestyle and get a say in how we live our life, on a daily basis.

You get to decide how you live, and whilst you consider your loved ones, it cannot be at the cost of them steering your ship, and navigating the path for you.

We don’t have to wait for a new year, a certain age, or the right time. The whole point is to live life, feel good and have fun!

We can all have a ‘Round Two, New You’, a second chance to live another life. In fact, we get 365 chances a year!