How do people take the big leap off the payroll and start their own business? People take various paths to escape the corporate cage, and liberate themselves!

I was at the point I knew I had to work for myself. I was sacrificing my personal life, my health and quality of life.

I wanted to experience more, feel alive, and have a life. I had been shut down emotionally for years numbing the pain and binging on booze, and eating sugar or carbs and splurging on shopping and sports cars! 

This was no way to live! Or at least, it's not how I wanted to live. Same old same old, my life wasn't moving forwards. I was just existing - not living. You were bought into this world to live - not to stay on a treadmill to put up and shut up.

First things first, I made the decision I wanted to do it. That was mammoth in itself - let alone figuring out the how!

I looked over my past, not just my career, but everything. I looked at what I loved doing. Sure I heard all the negative voices; how can I make a living from that, there's too much competition. I tried to keep focused on what lit me up, made me feel good, what I knew I could do, and also, the very real side of things, what I could earn a living doing.

Then I combined my skills and knew I had to start somewhere. There is always a bigger vision, but starting is the whole point. Make moves towards your bigger dreams and goals - remember Rome wasn't built in a day! Things can change along the way, we are always evolving, but make a start.

Do some research about your various ideas, make the time for it - we all have 24 hours in a day. If you want to make a new future for yourself, you need to carve out the time.

I got my shit together and figured out a plan; a practical one and a financial one. I combined the two and figured out a way to make it happen, with deadline dates. I was single and financially responsible for everything, so A LOT was riding on me to make it work.

I answered the tough what if questions, and came up with answers for all of them. What if I couldn't pay my mortgage one month, what if I was sued, what if a supplier let me down and I let a client down. None of them happened - they were just fears, but an important thought process to go through before taking the leap.

Finally, edit the information you tell your loved ones - they care about you and will think you've gone mad. And yes, a part of you just has. Welcome to the club!