I love the magic of leaves changing colours. There is something effortless about it. It feels like they rise to their peak, surrender and fall to the ground, preparing to hibernate for the cold winter months.

I like to think us humans have seasons; 

Autumn - a time to shed the layers; the old beliefs and patterns, and reflect...

Winter - where we take the time to reassess and look at what did and didn't work. See what you can do differently, figure out what's important to live a life you love

Spring - where we are ready to emerge out of the ground; start sprouting with ideas and creativity and a fresh beginning for the time ahead

Summer - where we bloom; everything you want to bring to life and create is in full technicolour and effortlessly beaming and blowing like a breeze in your hair

It's the ebb and flow of nature, we have the same in our human life. Nature is a powerful force, just like us humans. We are both constantly reflecting, hibernating, creating and blooming, but I reckon this cycle is more frequent for humans!

We're complicated, we have thoughts, feelings and emotions to content with every day. All of which can stop us in our tracks. We have relationships with friends and family to navigate were life's curveballs are often thrown around. We have events to attend, a career to sustain, loved ones to cherish, todo lists to manage.

It's a wonder we aren't all running around in circles! 

Observe the seasons and your own cycles, patterns and beliefs. Take the time out to allow and 'be', instead of charging around to achieve the 'do'.

Be kind to yourself, always (easier said than done) but start. Enough of the self talk - embrace the change, evolving is part of the human experience - notice it, enjoy it, and live your life - especially if you are existing in it too often!