shine your light

Business has it's ups and downs, those of us in the know accept that, and also acknowledge it isn't for the faint hearted.

So why is it when you get a taste of success, people react differently. Those that have followed and supported you from the beginning suddenly turn around and act in a peculiar way.

You may get de-railed, knocked back, and criticised but no one can take your spirit, no matter how hard they try.

Is it them, or is it you?

You can't control any actions carried out by fellow humans, but you can control those within your reach, and that my friend is your light, your spirit, your soul, your gifts, your personality, the thing that makes you shine brightly in the world - YOU!

The more you are knocked, the brighter you shine, don't let the speed bumps de-rail you....

Shine Baby Shine!