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Somerset RomCom

Sitting in the airport café couple of weeks ago, I was anxiously anticipating my flight. Not because I’m a nervous flyer, but because I was getting flown out to The Alps for a date, by a man I met in the Christmas market bar in Bristol, only a week before!

Imagine the scenario; a busy Saturday early evening, a mulled wine with my cousin, where we had to share a table with a man and his daughter, great conversation, lots of laughter with our new table buddies - a pilot who lives in the Alps and his daughter, who is studying here in Bristol.

After leaving the bar, and a brief stand off in the street between my cousin and me, asking her to go back with my business card, (she wouldn’t) even when I played the family loyalty card! So next best thing – google, more specifically - linked in.

A quick search and an email to suggest a beer next time he’s in Bristol, you can imagine my surprise when he suggests a phone call that was swiftly followed by an invitation to visit him!

I feel like I’m living in my own romcom, although it’s not quite 50 Shades of Grey….more like 50 shades of Orange, via Easyjet (his employer)! This is the West Country after all ladies and gents, let’s keep it real!

The reason for telling you this little ditty, is because this sort of thing can and does happen, and your life can move from A to B with big surprises, light bulb moments, and taking action.

For me that basically boils down to coaching and working on myself consistently, and not just my business. It’s what my entire message is about, it’s about developing you, and your career - connecting the dots in Personal and Professional development.

Take action, move forward and live life on your terms...